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Ah, there's one city that I travelled to that totally stole my heart, and that would be New York City. I had the privilege of jumping on a 12-hour greyhound to The Big Apple in the summer of 2015 with my friend Livia who I had just met, and who was from Verona, Italy and currently exploring Canada. We met at one of the festivals I was vending at, and became quick besties. She was the one who expressed interest in taking the trip there, and since my festival season was over and I had a little bit of cash in my pocket, I said why the heck not!

It was my first experience taking such a long bus ride - which I don't recommend if you're 6ft tall… And also my first experience using the website Couchsurfing, and one was definitely way better than the other. The bus ride was horrid, uncomfortable, squished, noisy, boring and damn long!

Couchsurfing on the other hand, was so much fun! Livia and I ended up staying (for free) with two different men, one had a spare bedroom where Livia and I shared a bed, and the other let us crash on his futon in his bachelor pad. Both guys were gentlemen, despite being complete strangers (and one being twice my age), and very generous, both treating us to a dinner in their neighbourhood. Being able to hangout with a few different locals definitely made the trip much more interesting, because you get to experience the city from their points of view. It sounds crazy, but if you're planning a trip to a new place, I highly recommend staying with strangers!

Livia was an aspiring photographer, and was planning to study the art of taking pictures in college the following season, so I thought it was a great opportunity for me to get some style shots, and give her a live subject to shoot. I carefully picked about 5 outfits to wear throughout the trip, that were also streetstyle-worthy. I especially love the shots that ended up having taxi's in the background, it gives it that authentic NYC feel.

What I'm wearing:

Crop tank - Forever 21

Long khaki blouse - Vintage

Cutoff shorts - Levi's, cut and distressed by me

Wedges - Forever 21

Mini backpack - Thrifted

Necklace - Thrifted

Sunglasses - Ardene

If you're a traveller and haven't gotten to experience the rush of New York City yet, definitely add it to you travel plans. You won't regret it!

Wenday xo

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