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My friends would probably agree that this is a classic 'Wenday outfit.' If I'm going out, I'm most likely wearing a variation of this: a crop top, a high wasted pencil skirt, and combat boots. I like to keep it simple, sometimes.

In the summer I'll trade the skirt for Levi's booty shorts, the Dr. Martens for Chuck Taylors, and ditch the fur for a checkerboard printed BMX bike. There isn't too many things I enjoy more than making a statement.

My love for this type of outfit isn't solely based on style, but most of it stems from efficiency and fit. I am 6ft tall, so pants and long skirts are never long enough, a problem that is easily solved by going for shorts and mini skirts instead. Dresses often fit me like long shirts, yet not long enough to cover my butt, and most shirts end up showing my belly regardless of their intended length. Who knew that these so-called 'problems' would be the catalyst for the discovery of my signature style. I'm not mad!

What I like most about this outfit, is that I can whip it up in any colour in under an hour. My friends aren't surprised when they invite me out and my response is "okay, just gotta make a new outfit first, be right there!" I show up an hour later wearing brand new digs, hot off my sewing machine.

What I'm wearing:

Crop t-shirt - Made by me for House of Wenday

Mustard skirt - Made by me for personal wear

Thigh-highs - American Apparel (finally ones that are long enough for me!)

Boots - Dr. Martens

Badass faux fur coat - Goodwill Thrift Store (for $10!)

Purse - thrifted

Crystal necklace - Made by me for House of Wenday

Moon phase pendant - bought at a festival, it is the phase the moon was in when I was born!

I hope you guys enjoyed this week's peak into my Signature Style, see you next weekend!

Wenday xo

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