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I always knew that I was going to do something different with my life, something creative, something off the beaten path, I just never knew exactly what. I grew up saying I was going to be fashion designer, but what did that even mean? What even is a fashion designer these days? Well, one thing I did know for sure, was that whatever I was gonna do, it was gonna be mine. I was going to be the head honcho, the one in control. So here I am, 5 years into running my business, and I can FINALLY see my goals clearly.

When I started my business back in 2012, I never really thought it through in regards to what my end goal was. I was always in need of an income, so I just decided to start making stuff and selling it, or started to do piece work in order to make money. Now, I strongly feel that my 'get money asap' mentality is what blurred my vision for the future. What was I working towards? What was I trying to accomplish? What were my targets? What message was I promoting?

I've dipped my fingers into all sorts of projects over the years. The production of clothing quickly turned into the production of bags, and then adding on a line of handmade jewelry. I started an events business which was very successful, but fell to the wayside while my main focus was creating products. I also started a second Etsy shop (which I've mentioned on my blog previously) selling PDF downloads; planners, checklists, organizational tools that you can print out at home. This was also wildly successful, but fell pretty low on my priority list while I was busy making clothing and organizing summer after summer of festivals and events.

Over the past 3 months I've had so many epiphanies, so many 'ah ha!' moments, thanks to which, has finally inspired me to get clear about what the hell it was that I was working towards. So today, I want to share that clear vision with you.

I've decided to split my business into four parts, with House of Wenday remaining the brand name that captures it all.

Rage Room - This is the fashion wing of my house. All of my handmade clothing, bags and jewelry reside within this room. As well as hemming and alterations services, and custom printing. Sustainability is the ongoing theme, and I will be creating weekly YouTube videos and blog posts highlighting why we need to be thinking about sustainability in regards to our clothing purchases. I will be sharing my personal style in the form of a regular lookbook, as well as style tips, sewing tutorials, thrifting how-to's, and style inspirations. I will be getting back to coordinating with the moon schedule and will be releasing new products on every Full Moon. Next launch is November 4th!

cutoff shorts outfit dreadlocks

Dread Room - The knotty corner. Lol, get it? This room is the newest section of my biz, where I will be offering the installation of dreadlocks, as well as maintenance and possibly dread extensions down the road. I always wanted to explore being a hair stylist. I have had dreads in my hair for over 10 years of my life, and I've always done the extensions and upkeep myself. Since so many people ask me about my hair and where they can get them done, it kind of just made sense that I start doing them for people.

dreadlocks pigtails

Ex Room - Previously known as Kula Mall, this is the events portion of my business. I started Kula Mall back in 2014 with a business partner, and we planned some great events and received some really great feedback from the handmade community. There was a gap in the market in regards to handmade businesses and where they could set up shop. With Kula Mall we were able to book a space at larger festivals and break down that space into single tables, enabling small businesses to offer their products and services to a larger group of people. But, after about a year in operation, my business partner and I split ways and I took the reigns on my own, and it wasn't long before it too was falling pretty low on my priority list. Now, after being dormant for almost 2 years, I've decided to rebrand it as Ex Room, short for exhibit, and start putting on local markets again in London, with an emphasis on exclusive, invite-only shopping events. There are dates in the works but they are not yet confirmed, but I promise they're coming!

vendor tent

Plot Room - Previously called House of Wenday Printables, my PDF downloads business is going to be relaunching on Etsy on October 19th. I will be continuing to coordinate my business with the moon schedule, and I'll be releasing a new planner kit on every New Moon. The Etsy shop will sell single pages as well as multiple page 'kits' that are available for instant download after purchase. For example, a health and fitness planner where you can track your weight and measurements, or plan out your meals and workout schedule. I will also be using this platform on Instagram to share organizational tips and tricks based on my personal obsession with organization.


Each room has its own Instagram accounts and Facebook pages, but my website, blog, and soon-to-be YouTube channel is going to be the glue that holds everything together. I will be posting blogs and videos on topics that focus on the four rooms; fashion, dreadlocks, events, and organization. And of course, sustainability and eco-friendliness will be the recurring theme throughout all four, because as much as I love to be creative, I think I like minimizes our global footprint a little bit more.

It's the bigger picture that is important to me now, it goes farther than just being a designer and making products. It's about the message, the change you are trying to instil in the world. I want to see the destructive fashion industry change. I want to see more people becoming aware of the impact their everyday purchases and lifestyle habits have, not only on our planet and the animals, but on our own health and wellness.

If you agree with what I'm fighting for, I invite you to join my journey, as I raise my fists towards a more just world. You can do that by becoming a Housemate by signing up to my weekly newsletter, and I promise you'll never miss a beat.

Chat soon! xo


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