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The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon, and the stone Pearl is affiliated with the planet Moon. Pearl is a made product, and not a naturally occurring gemstone, but its vibration still offers the Crab mental peace and wellness, because the Moon represents a calming and gentle peace. Pearl is believed to soothe mood swings and phobias, which make it the ultimate fit for this emotional and sensitive sign.

Stones in this bracelet:

Pearl: Known as the symbol of purity and innocence and is represented by the Moon. Can provide mental clarity and emotional calmness.
Rose Quartz: The stone of unconditional love and self peace, purifies and opens the heart, bringing deep inner healing.
Black Agate: A grounding and protective crystal. It gives a calming peace that helps those during a period of bereavement. It gives inner strength to move on and is also very helpful in keeping the peace in stressful households.
Hematite: This grounding and protecting stone harmonizes the mind, body and spirit, dissolves negativity and prevents it from entering the aura, restoring peace and harmony in the body.
Black Onyx: A strength stone, it provides support during stress, centring and aligning energy with higher power, it promotes vigour, steadfastness and stamina. 


All bracelets come with a handmade pouch for safe keeping. Pouches are made out of recycled Levi's denim and are handy for a magnitude of different uses. Colours chosen by random. 

Please measure around your wrist to determine proper size.

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Handmade in London, Ont. by Wenday

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